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  • Tales of Misplaced Perceptions


    by Randy Kemner           Sometimes we pay more and we get more. In the world of wine, however, we often pay more and get less, and sometimes we pay less and get more. Research has shown that people often enjoy wine they wouldn’t like as much in a blind tasting just by being told it’s expensive. Yet expensive wine often disappoints us because […]

  • Red or White Wine? Who’s Listening?

    blog J

    by Randy Kemner         Dale decided she wanted to cook a rabbit.  I realize some of you may have doubts about eating cute, furry, innocent looking bunny rabbits, but as Michael Moore showed us in Roger & Me, rabbits can be pets or meat.  Dale told me her mother would serve rabbit and tell the kids she […]

  • Something Happens When You Turn Your Clocks Ahead

    Rose (9)

    by Randy Kemner       This morning I turned all my clocks ahead an hour.  Tonight the sun will set an hour later. If my theory is right, you will be sitting on your front porches and back patios, in your boats and in your parks with an hour more leisure time basking in the early evening sunlight. That’s when […]