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  • Our Greatest Discoveries in the Past 20 Years

    The Wine Country (3)

    By Randy Kemner                    So what have we learned in the first 20 year history of The Wine Country? Everything. Humility, mostly. We’ve had great instructors, winegrowers, home chefs, business coaches and regular folks teaching us things about wine, life, running a successful independent business, food, geography, vine varieties, terroir, discipline, dedication, being true to […]

  • Red Bordeaux and Me

    Bordeaux 3

    by Randy Kemner                                                                                                                                                                                          Bordeaux is the world’s most important region for premium red wine.  Bordeaux, with its grand chateaus and legendary cellars, is not only the origin of some of the world’s most prestigious wines, it has provided the template for much of the world’s most prestigious wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.  And one cannot […]

  • Appreciating the Wines of Madeira

    Madeira wine 1

              by Randy Kemner Gearing Up for Our October 30th Annual Event For now, let’s leave out colonial America’s strong link to Madeira’s wines and their presence at nearly all major celebrations involving the upper crust of Revolutionary society. Let’s postpone a geography lesson on the Atlantic island’s strategic location 400 miles west of […]