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  • Christmas in March!


    by Randy Kemner        One of the joys of working retail–at least for me–is the feeling I get when something I’ve ordered arrives in a big box.  I suppose it’s the same feeling most of you get when a package from Amazon arrives, or when you come home from work to find a parcel that U.P.S. had left […]

  • What a Wine Does

    blog 7

        by Randy Kemner     When I was a little kid, grown-ups would often ask what they ask every little kid:  what do you want to be when you grow up? I’ve come to realize this is a wrong-headed question that sends a damaging message to little kids.  The proper question should be:  What do […]

  • She Let Me In the Kitchen!


    by Randy Kemner               I like to eat. Obviously. Food is a familiar theme in our wine blogs and newsletters, and where wine is concerned, food isn’t far away. How, for example, does one fully appreciate Italian wine without Italian food–particularly regional food and its wine? I never was a whiz in the kitchen, but I was […]