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  • Real Food. Real Wine.

    Cool Stuff

    by Randy Kemner                                               One of the most memorable scenes in Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Super Size Me shows what happens to McDonald’s French fries over time.  Unlike fresh food which begins to rot in a few days, the appearance of McDonald’s fries didn’t change in ten weeks.  Kind of like plastic.  Perhaps their potatoes were spliced with Round-Up. […]

  • Break on through (to the tarter side)


    On June 15th our BeerVenture focused on Sour beers. A category that has been picking up in popularity over the last 5 years or so and Breweries out there are responding by making more. Even popular Southern California Breweries like The Bruery and Beachwood have built different facilities just to make their Sour Ales. While […]

  • Black Trumpet Risotto


    The first time I made this recipe I fell in love. The risotto became my lunch, my dessert, then breakfast and snack. I couldn’t stop eating this creamy fragrant goodness. I learned that I could pour traditionally aged balsamic* across the plated risotto, and I was even more madly entrenched in the love affair. I’ve […]